Inaugural post!

Hello, everyone!

I started this new blog as an outlet specifically for my creative thoughts– for the words coiling around my brain, for the art itching to be seen, and for the occasional playlist or two.

I also started this blog to snap out of the Winter Blues. Here in New England, it’s a long, wet, miserable season that often decimates my motivation to create. I figure that with the added encouragement of a prospective audience, it just might give me the spark to get me going again and to maybe offer advice and guidance for those in a similar situation.

Finally, I just wanted to have fun with something! Art, music and literature have become opportunities for people to pursue elitism and general snobbery. That’s not what I believe the arts should be about. Art should be enjoyable for everyone, not just for those who are creating. Art should be open. Art should be freeing. Art should be a connection to our world, a reminder that the human experience is a shared one. So I’m not going to think, I’m just going to do. I’m going to open myself up and make what I make and write what I write. I am going to have fun.

Maybe this blog will help make a difference with my fight (or even yours!). But in the meantime, I’m sure I’ll enjoy the process.

3 thoughts on “Inaugural post!

  1. You do motivate Liz – your energy and integrity shines out – blogging certainly can eventually becomes a distraction from creating – but at the same time it is a wonderful tool for communication and sharing. Already I have learned from you. Juggle your time with wisdom…

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