Pendants, Part 2

I glazed about half of my 80 pendants last week and plucked them out of the glaze kiln today. Of that half, only another half came out the way I thought they would. Here are the ones that came out plus belle. The next step is to grind the backs if necessary, sign and then add bales to the backs with some two-ton epoxy. I’ll do this once the second batch is done and load them all at once to my Etsy shop (currently under construction).

My absolute favorites of the entire batch:ImageAnd the rest:ImageImageImageImageStill have about thirty left to glaze. I’ll try some brighter colors, but I think my next batch will end up being made from a white clay body. Maybe even porcelain? The glazes are far more drab than I had anticipated…

Meanwhile, I have two vases, three abstract sculptures, one bowl, and an odd dish with handles (thanks, ZBF) to add to my glazing to-do list. Stay tuned…

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