Sketching Adventure #1

I spent a good chunk of today at Fort Popham at half tide. After a long (and very windy) walk along the beach, calmed by the steady pounding of the surf, I settled down on a bench for a quick sketch from the path above the shore.


The ocean comes off more as “sky” than as “ocean,” but I’m pleased with it as a first attempt at a nature study.

For the initial sketching, I used a Derwent Sketching Pencil in Dark Wash 8B. This pencil isn’t as soft as other 8B pencils I’ve tried, but when activated with water, it lends a subtle, clean wash. I’m very impressed and will be picking up a Light and Medium Wash pencil in the near future. For the color, I used Prismacolor Watercolor pencils in Copenhagen Blue, Peacock Blue, Cool Grey 50%, Dark Umber, Terra Cotta, Goldenrod, Cream, Grass Green, and Light Peach. These were so convenient for my first travel sketching expedition because I could capture the color on scene but save the mess of the water for when I got back to my desk. They’re also much more “sketchy” and not as heavy as watercolor crayons, which was perfect for this scene. The sketchbook is a Blick hardbound with a medium weight paper. It held up well to the water with no bleed-through and only a little buckling.


And I have a bit of a sunburn! Summer is officially around the corner, and I am excited to try new techniques and supplies on the go.


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