Gesso/oil pastel experiment

A few days ago, I gessoed over a magazine page to try a new technique. I kept the coat thin so some parts of the image beneath could still be seen. I’m not sure what I was planning on doing with it, but tonight, the page was nearby, I was feeling a little anxious and needed a pre-sleep wind-down, so I grabbed it and started working.

I also took out my package of Crayola Portfolio Series water-soluble oil pastels. They’re a student-grade product and they come in sets of 12 and 24 colors. I don’t really use them as much as I expected to when I bought them, mostly because I haven’t found an application that I’ve liked with them. But when I used them tonight on the gessoed page, I started to get reaaaally excited! They have a super smooth color laydown and my gesso is not the best, pretty gritty, so they smushed into the brushstrokes. Then I added the water and my excitement grew.


I love the way the colors blended together while still retaining the soft look from the gesso. Feels a little Impressionist-y. And the brushstrokes are so out-of-this-world-pretty.


I will definitely be playing around with the Portfolios and gesso a lot more. Until then, pick up some Portfolios! I bought mine here in the U.S. at Staples for around 10 bucks, and for any international artists out there, I’ve seen them on eBay. Happy Scribbling!

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