Rubbings with Prismacolor Art Stix

So I got sick of the gesso pretty fast and pulled out another medium that I don’t use half as often as I should– my Prismacolor Art Stix. They’re the same pigment as the Prismacolor Premier colored pencils, just in a woodless, bar form. They’re great for covering large areas without wearing your pencil down to a stump. I found my set of 24 on ebay for 6 bucks, but I think they go up to 48 colors, 24 of which are available open stock. I’m getting carried away, but I love Prismacolor so so so much. 


I made this pothole stencil a few days ago out of a plastic tab divider, so I wondered if the pattern would transfer as a rubbing. I applied a rough base color: Canary Yellow


Here’s the stencil.


I placed the stencil underneath the page and added the top color: Mulberry.


Not sure I like the color combination yet, but I definitely like the technique. It’s much different than what I’ve been doing, which is refreshing. 

Here’s a close-up for the texture.


I’ll definitely be using my Art Stix a lot more now, and this has given me a whole new reason to start making stencils!

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