Sneak Peek, Pt. 2

Sneak Peek, Pt. 2

And then, a naked lady appeared! I had a divine moment where I saw the contours outlined in the paint, so I drew it out with a black Stablio All pencil (BUY ONE, SERIOUSLY) and then tweaked it to make it more realistic. The butt and the left arm is still a work in progress, so that’s why I’ve left it out. I’ll give you a final update when the page is finished.

This page is the first step in my forcing-myself-to-draw-semi-realistically summer art goal. It’s also really unusual for me to go this size. I normally journal in a 4.25” x 5” handbound book, but this is the Canson XL Mix Media journal with a dimension of 9” x 12”.

Thanks to Leslie Herger at Comfortable Shoes Studio; her video is giving me guidance on shadows and shading, which is what I’m doing now.

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