Art Supply Haul #2 and Travel Watercolor Set

So I decided as a little pre-college gift to myself, I’d buy more stuff on Dick Blick I probably (most definitely) could live without. So.


4 bulldog clips to go with the 23.5” x 26” drawing board that’s coming in a separate package, along with five sheets of  22.5 X 28.5 vellum surface Bristol (GIANT ZENTANGLES!)


5 black refill cartridges for my fountain pens


Pentel Color pens in Dark Brown, Black and Silver gray. These are supposed to be watersoluble and they were SUPER cheap so I decided to try them out.


Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pens, both black, one with a brush tip and the other with a fine nib.


Faber-Castell Pitt Big Brush pens in Black and Cobalt Green


Stabilo All pencils in Graphite, Blue and Black


Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils in Cerulean Blue, True Blue, Lilac, and Violet


General’s All-Art sharpener. This is a great sharpener for pencils with a round-barrel like the Prismacolor Premier ones.


These were the primary reason why I did the order– Da Vinci Permanent Artists’ Watercolors in Yellow Ochre, Raw Sienna Deep, Burnt Sienna, Quinacridone Alizarin Crimson, Ultramarine Blue, Indigo, Prussian Blue, Cobalt Blue Deep and Sap Green. As my love of watercolor and travel sketching becomes seemingly endless, I decided that I should invest. I was also motivated to buy these after watching Cathy Johnson’s video on travel watercolor sets— hands down one of my favorite videos ever.


This is a spray-painted Altoids box with six empty full pans and four empty half pans rubber cemented to the bottom. I used my new paints to fill the pans (which I purchased on Amazon as Dick Blick was out of stock) and a palette knife to squish the paint down into the pans.


As my friend Julia said, “it’s nifty!”

Yesterday the Colored Pencil Painting Bible arrived in the mail, which I’ve been eyeing for a while and finally decided to commit to buying. I want to become a bit more sophisticated in the way I use colored pencil, so I thought that the step-by-step aspect of this book would be helpful.

I have so much inspiration and so many new techniques and materials to try that I have to cram into the six days I have left before Bowdoin move-in. Plus packing and last-minute shopping.

I also have to ween myself off my X-Files addiction. David Duchovny, why won’t you love me? xoxo

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