What have I been doing?

Art-wise, I haven’t been up to much lately. There’s just been so much going on– new people, clubs, meetings, classes… so today I took a break and set out a large chunk of time for myself. I listened to Phil Collins and doodled here and there in my art journal while I sat under a tree on the quad. Very collegiate.

So this is what I have been up to art-wise:


This is my work-in-progress shot of the Matisse drawing I did for my first assignment. My drawing class is amazing and I’m quite pleased with my work thus far.


Our second assignment was to draw an object of personal significance, so I drew my bangles. I’ve worn them almost every day since seventh grade.


Dueling mixtape covers for my pre-orientation trip leaders.

And a quick photo recap of what I’ve been doing during the rest of my time:


Quick shameless plug for my radio show on Wednesdays from 5-6pm EST. The provided link allows you to livestream, so even if you’re not in the 207, you can still jam. Okay.

En route to the super special secret nook in which I am presently ensconced.

So. Hopefully I can be more diligent about posting. The next giant chunk of time I allow myself will be spent photographing my art journal so I can post a quick page here and there. Thank you for checking back despite my absence!


I’m back!

I have returned from my orientation adventures and have officially settled into life at Bowdoin. First of all, may I state that I am meeting the absolute kindest, diverse, and interesting people I have ever met in my life, that I feel so happy, relaxed and accepted, to the point where I am almost questioning my identity to this point; how did I manage living that life defined by anxieties and driven by self-inflicted limitations? It has only been nine days, but the change within myself has been so earth-shattering and so profound that it warrants mentioning here, as I expect it will greatly enhance my creative performance and alter the direction for the art I produce. 

My first class was this morning– Drawing I. My first assignment is to copy any drawing EXACTLY as it appears.

I am intimidated by the idea of this. Correction: terrified.

But it’s a good kind of terrified. Like you’re standing on the edge of a dock, the water pulsing beneath your feet. Ready to jump.