Inspired by both my classmate Anna Reyes, who explored the idea of the female body as a landscape in our Drawing I class, and the grey skies/warm air/broody playlist I had going on, I thought of the female figure as connected to the ocean. But I didn’t execute my intention (though I may one day give it the time it deserves), so here’s an angsty, vaguely aquatic, sketchy, disproportionate nude (forgive me, Prof. Mullen!).

image (2)

The black is fountain pen dragged through wet watercolor. Underneath is Derwent Dark Wash 8B watersoluble graphite and some Jerry’s Jumbo Jet Black pencil (up there with the Stabilo All pencil in terms of line quality and not watersoluble!). I overlapped 10 second contour drawings until I saw a few that interconnected to make the defined figure (which is why it’s not proportioned properly). It’s on 9”x12” Canson XL watercolor paper which is pretty good for something I bought at Walmart.

And for those of you interested, here’s the playlist that inspired me to loosen up a little.

Screen Shot 2014-03-30 at 4.00.06 PM

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