That quote is from the movie Juno which has one of the cutest soundtracks ever–not to get sidetracked, but you should know about it. I think it’s a pretty fitting title for this post though, don’t you think?



I did this over Spring Break but never posted it. I drew the octopus in an old German book that I got from a free pile in the foreign language department at Bowdoin. I had been feeling like I wanted to draw an octopus for a while so finally I did it.

I put a light coat of gesso over the paper because I wanted to obscure some of the text. I also used gesso to strengthen the brittle paper, but it still tore a bit and I had to patch it through the back when I was too rough adding color to the kelp. For subsequent pages, I’ll gesso both front and back and see if that helps prevent rips.

Materials used: 

Prismacolor watercolor pencils

Liquitex gesso

Faber-Castell Pitt fineliner pens

Sakura Koi waterbrush


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