Fluorescent Fun!

A trip to Lowe’s this morning offered up two cans of fluorescent spray paint on clearance.


Will ya look at that! I took a 14×17 ish scrap of Bristol leftover from matting my Zentangles for a show and got to sprayin’.

In addition to my homemade stencil, I also used…. can you guess?

DSCI0022 DSCI0023

Leaves! The big one is from this mysterious rhubarb-like plant that’s taking over the backyard. I sprayed the back of the leaf with black paint and used it as a stamp. We also have an overabundance of tiny ferns so I used them as masks.

DSCI0008 DSCI0013

I also had this chunk of Bristol, maybe 2 feet long by a foot wide from a un-finished project. It had music pages crumpled and adhered with gel medium, some burgundy craft paint (which I hated) and then partially covered with white spray paint. I figured that I hadn’t done anything with it and hated it anyway, what could be the harm in throwing down the neon?

DSCI0033 DSCI0035

Now I have no idea what I’m going to do with these, but perhaps some inspiration will kick in tomorrow afternoon. For now, Netflix, tea, and carving stamps…


Faces in Strange Places, Take 2


I found this sheet in a pile of papers I had thrown in a box in the scramble to pack my desk up at the end of the year. I had gotten angsty and ripped and crumpled a piece of perfectly innocent cardstock, taped it back together, poured/threw/squished ink on it. It was a nice 3 minute release before going back to work. I never did anything with it after.

Bored with the “Office” rerun I was watching, I started mindlessly drawing curved lines. In those intersections, I began to see faces, broke out the charcoal, and had at it. This is the final result. It also was the inspiration behind Desktop Musings #2. I’m really craving expressive, dark, twisted art lately, and it’s about time I crank it out!