Fluorescent Fun!

A trip to Lowe’s this morning offered up two cans of fluorescent spray paint on clearance.


Will ya look at that! I took a 14×17 ish scrap of Bristol leftover from matting my Zentangles for a show and got to sprayin’.

In addition to my homemade stencil, I also used…. can you guess?

DSCI0022 DSCI0023

Leaves! The big one is from this mysterious rhubarb-like plant that’s taking over the backyard. I sprayed the back of the leaf with black paint and used it as a stamp. We also have an overabundance of tiny ferns so I used them as masks.

DSCI0008 DSCI0013

I also had this chunk of Bristol, maybe 2 feet long by a foot wide from a un-finished project. It had music pages crumpled and adhered with gel medium, some burgundy craft paint (which I hated) and then partially covered with white spray paint. I figured that I hadn’t done anything with it and hated it anyway, what could be the harm in throwing down the neon?

DSCI0033 DSCI0035

Now I have no idea what I’m going to do with these, but perhaps some inspiration will kick in tomorrow afternoon. For now, Netflix, tea, and carving stamps…

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