Artist’s Block, Update, Portfolio…

… or something like that. I dunno. Here we are in the middle of summer, which is normally my most productive time of year. So far, I’ve spent way too much money on art supplies… which I’m now a little afraid to plunge in and use.

It’s artistic paralysis, a limbo that has plagued me every so often for the past two years when I started making art a priority in my life. I have ideas, I have materials, I have vision, I have the desire to create. For whatever reason, these four elements aren’t connecting.

But I’m committed to keep doing something, whether it be cleaning my desk space or prepping collage images for future use. And I made a portfolio (well, a flickr anyway–just to group everything together) because I should probably have one of those, right? And I’m trying to figure out how to take good photos with my not-so-good digital camera in the dark (in preparation for the night-to-end-all-nights, July 22, when I finally see Ryan Adams!!!). And I’ve written 16,380 words of a novel that’s been clawing its way out of me for months now.

So there’s always progress, just not in the ways I’m expecting; this is my lesson for the week.

Here’s a link to my Flickr (FEATURING NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN WORK!):