Art Journal… 4?.1?

I have no idea. But enough’s enough of this blog silence. I said to Misadventures Michael the other day “I wish I had your blogging stamina” to which he said “Have it!” and here I am: with 0 time to make a blog post, I am making a blog post. Back in the saddle! Heeyaw!



This is one of my favorite pages in my current art journal. Collage, Golden extra heavy matte gel medium, Tim Holtz film strip, Faber-Castell pitt pen, a tag, acrylic paint sanded down… and underneath that tip-in of wax paper:



Watercolor on Golden acyrlic ground for pastels, Stabilo ALL pencil, Golden gloss gel medium. The two pages were sticking together, so rather than add baby powder to reduce stick, I decided not to take my chances on my favorite page and just add a barrier. Which is kind of a shame because the pages were gorgeous side-by-side.

Off to class!
Happy Trails,

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