Art Journal 4.5


What excites me the most about this page is the translucency of the Mepxy markers with Prismacolor Premier colored pencils over top in the triangle spaces (which are drawn with Conté crayon). Simple, pretty layers.

And relevant to the title:


Art Journal 4.3


This is, perhaps, my favorite page in this journal, and it’s probably because it’s so simple: Collage, watercolor, Stabilo All pencil, white Conté, and a serendipitous spill of gold nail polish that I made work to my advantage. It’s also one of my few pages with text that truly means something to me: “Learn more, know more, go more.” These few words keep me motivated to push through the monster work load typical of what has been called “the Sophomore Slump.” Some days it’s hard to keep in perspective that everything I’m doing, I’m doing to get to something else that’s bigger and better. But once I remember this purpose, it all seems more manageable somehow.

Perspective is everything.

Baby’s First Intaglio Print

Printmaking, love of my life… how I have waited through four years of taunting in high school and a semester of Drawing I to meet you….

image (3)

Self-portrait. Intaglio drypoint. 16” x 20”

Currently working on a series based on gloomy Maine ocean scenes, desolation, angsty playlists… check out the latest posts on my Flickr to see what I’ve got in mind. And here’s a Sufjan Stevens song (Not Ryan Adams, I know…)