Baby’s First Intaglio Print

Printmaking, love of my life… how I have waited through four years of taunting in high school and a semester of Drawing I to meet you….

image (3)

Self-portrait. Intaglio drypoint. 16” x 20”

Currently working on a series based on gloomy Maine ocean scenes, desolation, angsty playlists… check out the latest posts on my Flickr to see what I’ve got in mind. And here’s a Sufjan Stevens song (Not Ryan Adams, I know…)

3 thoughts on “Baby’s First Intaglio Print

  1. Very strong, I like it.
    I have two blogs, one of which is a collaborative project on self portraits:
    I would like to include this image and also the one you did when you were a kid.
    Would you like to join in?
    I would credit you and link back to your blog. 🙂

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