Monday Moodscape


Here’s a work-in-progress shot of a page in my current art journal (which was made with one sheet of paper). Rain and overcast skies yesterday and today reignited my love of grungy, moody, smoky, watercolor/watersoluble graphite layers.

When used on top of acrylic grounds and mediums (which I have let dry before applying wet media), watercolors take on a whole new textural life. I’m using Golden extra heavy gel and some DAP Patch-N-Paint from the hardware store that I’ve mixed with Collage Pauge for better adhesion. Patch-N-Paint is a lot cheaper than an acrylic molding paste, so I don’t feel like I have to be precious about slapping it on the page. It’s surprisingly velvety and doesn’t shrink as much when the glue is added.

For more experimentation, you can alter the consistency of the paste by how much glue you add, and, just like any other acrylic medium, you can tint it with inks and paints, or add sand and fibers. Apply it with a palette knife or a course bristle brush as-is, or, incorporate a stencil.

Infinite options! Go forth and spackle!


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