Attack of the Sinister Beet Creatures (& QOR Watercolors)


I’m bad at math, but it doesn’t take a genius to know that Heaven = a massive cold brew coffee from Little Dog + a warm, partly cloudy, summer day + new art supplies.

Right now I’m test-driving QOR watercolors by Golden. I have been eying a more vibrant palette for months and couldn’t justify buying 6 new colors at 8-10 dollars per 15mL tube. Luckily for me, QOR offers a few starter sets with 5mL tubes so I could get a variety of new colors to try for a smaller cost. Three of these starter sets have 6 tubes in earth, high chroma, and introductory palettes, and there is also an expanded set of 12 introductory colors. I bought the high chroma set for about $25 from Blick. The high chroma set contains: cobalt teal, green gold, quinacridone gold, transparent pyrrole orange, quinacridone magenta and dioxazine purple.

First impressions: The colors are exactly like their Golden fluid acrylic namesakes––vibrant, bold, and intense. A little goes a long way with these. QOR watercolors are supposed to have a different binder than traditional watercolors which makes them hold their color better, and so far, I find that to be true; I found little difference in the strength of the color between wet and dry states. I’m not a true watercolorist, so a lot of the other benefits these paints boast (bold color, yet lifts off the page; doesn’t crack or flake; makes excellent glazes) I have yet to try.

But for my sinister beet creature, they did exactly what I bought them to do: give me snazzy color.

Other materials used: Da Vinci watercolor (on the legs), Micron pens, Prismacolor Premier colored pencil, Sharpie white oil-based paint pen, Prismacolor colorless blender marker.


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