Guest Blogger Elizabeth Snowdon on Fort Edgecomb, Ocean Point Walk & The Beautiful Unseen

Honored to have my first guest post on Misadventures with Michael!

Misadventures with Michael

Ram Island Light Ram Island Light (seen from Ocean Point)

Today I’m excited to welcome guest blogger Elizabeth Snowdon, a friend of mine at school with her own awesome blog and radio station. On her site Coffee & Lipstick she shares some of the pieces she is working on with info about her materials and methods as well. Without further ado, here’s Liz.

Hey there, Misadventurers! It’s Elizabeth Snowdon. My blog is an artsy one, but I realize the focus on things that are purely art-related is not everyone’s cup of tea. For that reason, my goal for my guest posts here is to keep you, the travel-hungry reader, sated with pictures, reviews, facts, and tips, but also to guide you through my experience with an artistic flair. This could be in the form of travel sketching, or simply through photography.

So while Michael takes the blog on the road in the States and abroad, I’m holding down…

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