Monday Moodscape II

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A quick sketch/doodle with my Caran D’Ache Neocolor II watercolor crayons (oh, that beautiful English Red!). Still a little bit of a work in progress as I’m not loving the text, but it was a nice exercise to get back into loose markmaking and to really focus/enjoy/relish the textures of my materials.


Art Journal 5.2

final 1

I have given up my quest for the perfect image transfer. There is much more detail and interest in the inbetween spaces left behind by my inexperience and impatience with the technique. Imperfection communicates the rough and the raw. I am surrendering myself and releasing ideas of what I “should” be making, what my art “should” look like, and creating what comes out of me naturally. I am focusing myself on releasing that rawness.

Art is self-reflection. Art is self-healing. Know thy art, know thyself.

Materials used: Golden extra heavy gel, collage elements, coffee filters, deli paper, black Stabilo ALL pencil, watercolor, Derwent Graphitint pencils, charcoal, Golden crackle paste

Attack of the Sinister Beet Creatures (& QOR Watercolors)


I’m bad at math, but it doesn’t take a genius to know that Heaven = a massive cold brew coffee from Little Dog + a warm, partly cloudy, summer day + new art supplies.

Right now I’m test-driving QOR watercolors by Golden. I have been eying a more vibrant palette for months and couldn’t justify buying 6 new colors at 8-10 dollars per 15mL tube. Luckily for me, QOR offers a few starter sets with 5mL tubes so I could get a variety of new colors to try for a smaller cost. Three of these starter sets have 6 tubes in earth, high chroma, and introductory palettes, and there is also an expanded set of 12 introductory colors. I bought the high chroma set for about $25 from Blick. The high chroma set contains: cobalt teal, green gold, quinacridone gold, transparent pyrrole orange, quinacridone magenta and dioxazine purple.

First impressions: The colors are exactly like their Golden fluid acrylic namesakes––vibrant, bold, and intense. A little goes a long way with these. QOR watercolors are supposed to have a different binder than traditional watercolors which makes them hold their color better, and so far, I find that to be true; I found little difference in the strength of the color between wet and dry states. I’m not a true watercolorist, so a lot of the other benefits these paints boast (bold color, yet lifts off the page; doesn’t crack or flake; makes excellent glazes) I have yet to try.

But for my sinister beet creature, they did exactly what I bought them to do: give me snazzy color.

Other materials used: Da Vinci watercolor (on the legs), Micron pens, Prismacolor Premier colored pencil, Sharpie white oil-based paint pen, Prismacolor colorless blender marker.

Art Journal 5.1


Art Journal 5.1. To be fair, I’m not entirely sure what volume of art journal I’m on––probably 6 or 7 at this point, but since I left off at 4, I’ll start new at 5. As I work on a new posting schedule, this “cataloging” system will change, but anyway…

Those funky dots were created by dropping denatured alcohol onto a thin layer of wet acrylic paint on a lightly gessoed surface. I used Golden fluid acrylic in I think phthalo green (blue shade). The alcohol will push away/resist the acrylic and leave you with a halo effect. You can see a similar technique here.

The mottled purple at the top of the page is watercolor bleedthrough from the other side. Sometimes, using cheap paper in my journals comes back to bite me and alters a page I was otherwise happy with. Sometimes, I get unexpected added details that I otherwise could not have created.

Art Journal 4.3


This is, perhaps, my favorite page in this journal, and it’s probably because it’s so simple: Collage, watercolor, Stabilo All pencil, white Conté, and a serendipitous spill of gold nail polish that I made work to my advantage. It’s also one of my few pages with text that truly means something to me: “Learn more, know more, go more.” These few words keep me motivated to push through the monster work load typical of what has been called “the Sophomore Slump.” Some days it’s hard to keep in perspective that everything I’m doing, I’m doing to get to something else that’s bigger and better. But once I remember this purpose, it all seems more manageable somehow.

Perspective is everything.

Baby’s First Intaglio Print

Printmaking, love of my life… how I have waited through four years of taunting in high school and a semester of Drawing I to meet you….

image (3)

Self-portrait. Intaglio drypoint. 16” x 20”

Currently working on a series based on gloomy Maine ocean scenes, desolation, angsty playlists… check out the latest posts on my Flickr to see what I’ve got in mind. And here’s a Sufjan Stevens song (Not Ryan Adams, I know…)