Hey there,

So the last time you heard from me was October 23rd, 2014. That’s a long time! I am officially the queen of not blogging and humbly apologize to my viewing audience for my hiatus.

It’s not that I haven’t been making art. On the contrary, I’ve been cranking it out like mad. If you’ve been following me on Twitter, you might have had a glimpse of these works-in-progress. Anyway, here are some highlights from the past 5 months or so:

IMG_1847IMG_1896 IMG_2202 image (4) image_9 IMG_2311 IMG_2327


Art Journal 4.5


What excites me the most about this page is the translucency of the Mepxy markers with Prismacolor Premier colored pencils over top in the triangle spaces (which are drawn with Conté crayon). Simple, pretty layers.

And relevant to the title:

Art Journal 4.3


This is, perhaps, my favorite page in this journal, and it’s probably because it’s so simple: Collage, watercolor, Stabilo All pencil, white Conté, and a serendipitous spill of gold nail polish that I made work to my advantage. It’s also one of my few pages with text that truly means something to me: “Learn more, know more, go more.” These few words keep me motivated to push through the monster work load typical of what has been called “the Sophomore Slump.” Some days it’s hard to keep in perspective that everything I’m doing, I’m doing to get to something else that’s bigger and better. But once I remember this purpose, it all seems more manageable somehow.

Perspective is everything.

Baby’s First Intaglio Print

Printmaking, love of my life… how I have waited through four years of taunting in high school and a semester of Drawing I to meet you….

image (3)

Self-portrait. Intaglio drypoint. 16” x 20”

Currently working on a series based on gloomy Maine ocean scenes, desolation, angsty playlists… check out the latest posts on my Flickr to see what I’ve got in mind. And here’s a Sufjan Stevens song (Not Ryan Adams, I know…)

Art Journal… 4?.1?

I have no idea. But enough’s enough of this blog silence. I said to Misadventures Michael the other day “I wish I had your blogging stamina” to which he said “Have it!” and here I am: with 0 time to make a blog post, I am making a blog post. Back in the saddle! Heeyaw!



This is one of my favorite pages in my current art journal. Collage, Golden extra heavy matte gel medium, Tim Holtz film strip, Faber-Castell pitt pen, a tag, acrylic paint sanded down… and underneath that tip-in of wax paper:



Watercolor on Golden acyrlic ground for pastels, Stabilo ALL pencil, Golden gloss gel medium. The two pages were sticking together, so rather than add baby powder to reduce stick, I decided not to take my chances on my favorite page and just add a barrier. Which is kind of a shame because the pages were gorgeous side-by-side.

Off to class!
Happy Trails,

Artist’s Block, Update, Portfolio…

… or something like that. I dunno. Here we are in the middle of summer, which is normally my most productive time of year. So far, I’ve spent way too much money on art supplies… which I’m now a little afraid to plunge in and use.

It’s artistic paralysis, a limbo that has plagued me every so often for the past two years when I started making art a priority in my life. I have ideas, I have materials, I have vision, I have the desire to create. For whatever reason, these four elements aren’t connecting.

But I’m committed to keep doing something, whether it be cleaning my desk space or prepping collage images for future use. And I made a portfolio (well, a flickr anyway–just to group everything together) because I should probably have one of those, right? And I’m trying to figure out how to take good photos with my not-so-good digital camera in the dark (in preparation for the night-to-end-all-nights, July 22, when I finally see Ryan Adams!!!). And I’ve written 16,380 words of a novel that’s been clawing its way out of me for months now.

So there’s always progress, just not in the ways I’m expecting; this is my lesson for the week.

Here’s a link to my Flickr (FEATURING NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN WORK!):


Fluorescent Fun!

A trip to Lowe’s this morning offered up two cans of fluorescent spray paint on clearance.


Will ya look at that! I took a 14×17 ish scrap of Bristol leftover from matting my Zentangles for a show and got to sprayin’.

In addition to my homemade stencil, I also used…. can you guess?

DSCI0022 DSCI0023

Leaves! The big one is from this mysterious rhubarb-like plant that’s taking over the backyard. I sprayed the back of the leaf with black paint and used it as a stamp. We also have an overabundance of tiny ferns so I used them as masks.

DSCI0008 DSCI0013

I also had this chunk of Bristol, maybe 2 feet long by a foot wide from a un-finished project. It had music pages crumpled and adhered with gel medium, some burgundy craft paint (which I hated) and then partially covered with white spray paint. I figured that I hadn’t done anything with it and hated it anyway, what could be the harm in throwing down the neon?

DSCI0033 DSCI0035

Now I have no idea what I’m going to do with these, but perhaps some inspiration will kick in tomorrow afternoon. For now, Netflix, tea, and carving stamps…